What is Gresham Art Committee About?

The Gresham Art Committee (GAC) is made up of artists and members who are simply art enthusiasts. GAC promotes artists in our community by sponsoring art exhibits displayed in the Center's Little Theater and other locations throughout the East Multnomah County.​  We also have volunteers who can't commit to being on the committee but help in other ways, such as hanging shows or attending the receptions to assist and greet the artists. 

Artwork on display is available for purchase. The committee receives a 20% commission on all sales. The Gresham Art Committee hosts a reception for each show that includes refreshments and live music and gives patrons the opportunity to meet the artists and become familiar with viewing & enjoying art. 

The committee is currently in flux, looking for new members and ways to expand our presence throughout the community. If you are interested in joining or simply sharing your ideas, please contact us.  Click the nearby  link to find out more. What is the commitment for GAC members?

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Volunteers hanging a show

Former team members Debra Dunlap and Jonathan Scott are among the group helping to hang the Sharps & Flats show. There's lots of cooperation, inspiration and fun during these hanging sessions!