Committee members from left: Jonathan Scott, Leo Hartshorn, Barbara Solomon, Preston Boyd, Lauren Jenkins, Jan Lucking (former member), and Debra Dunlap.  Scroll down to bottom of page to find out more about membership.  

Featured Member - Preston Boyd

"Art, in order to be Art, cannot exist in isolation. (Art), in order to breathe, must provoke an interaction, a participation between the work, the artist, and the viewer. My current work began as a single portrait in which I wanted to capture her beauty as well as convey a sense of loss. Inspiration, however, is a strange mysterious spirit and what began as a single painting has become a ongoing painted love letter to someone who will never be able to see it...not the kind written in the excited fluttering dawn of a relationship but rather one written as the frost breaks near a cozy fire after having together endured a long harsh dark winter." -Preston Van Boyd

"And if I attempt to speak of him purely, as a soul, I shall only end up painting my own emotions." -Frida Kahlo

Preston Van Boyd was born into Art and has pursued a lifelong practice of the craft, working primarily in oils, charcoal and soft pastels. His work is grounded by a strong background in the history and craftsmanship of art. He resides in Portland, OR with his wife, 3 of their 4 children, a guide dog and a guinea pig. His paintings are regularly exhibited throughout the PNW and NW Canada.

"To harmonize the whole is the task of art." -Wassily Kandinsky 

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